​​There are several reasons you may choose to leave your house in a really clean condition. For example, if you rent and are seen to be complying with the rental agreement, it’ll be easier to claim the return of your deposit. Or it may be that you simply want the incoming owners or tenants to experience the kind of welcome into their new home that you’d wish for yourself. Certainly, if you leave the cleaning job to us, it’ll remove the chore from you – just when you’re loaded with other responsibilities.

Bicester house removals and cleaning

​Ensuring all is taken care of

So as an extra service, why not allow our professionals to take the cleaning burden from you?

Discuss it with us so you can decide whether to have an overall tidy round and clean-up, or an In-depth, thorough pristine finish. Whatever you choose, you can rely on us.

​​For for information about our Bicester removals and house cleaning service contact us and we'll talk you through how we can help. All our Oxfordshire house removals and cleaning services are subject to the size of property and state of cleaning expectations. Our surveyor will assess this upon a scheduled appointment.