Guide to Moving House


Having appointed lawyers and set surveys and searches in motion, you've now had your offer acepted. The exchange date is fast approaching… so what do you do about packing up your worldly belongings and shifting them from A to B?

Here are Amor Removals top tips to ease the stress levels. Follow each step and you will create a manageable time frame to achieve all your goals!​ It is well worth printing off the tips sheet and keeping it close to hand.

​1 month to go (or as soon as you know you are moving)

Moving all your goods can give you the opportunity to pull things out of the loft you haven’t seen for years or even that gym equipment that has seized up. With your hands to every item, moving can be a good time to de-clutter. Remember items that you no longer have use for might be just the piece someone else is in need of and also a way to generate a little extra cash. Sell, donate and recycle any unwanted items before you move.

Selling on eBay UK couldn't be easier. Amor top tip: to get the best price set up a ten day auction starting on a Thursday evening at 20:00. Doing this will attract the largest buying audience by spreading the advert over two weekends and ending on a Sunday at 20:00 when the highest number of people are trawling to buy on the internet. Gumtree, Facebook, Amazon, friends/family, Freecycle, charities and your local council collection service are all other available options.

Moving to a new area might affect the availability of some services that you currently receive - telephone, TV, internet, milkman, gas and electric. Make sure you when transferring accounts to your new address you check whether the service is available and how long it will take to install. If you do need to cancel a service then check your suppliers contracts as you might need to give a period of notice.

We advise that you speak to us 4 – 6 weeks before your proposed move date, so that you are more likely to be prepared for short notice completions and rescheduling a removal date. If you have a shorter amount of time to arrange a removal date then let us know and we will do our utmost to fit you into our schedule.​​

3 weeks before moving house​​​​


Make a list of companies, subscriptions and people you need to notify – it will take a few hours to notify everyone online, on the phone or by post, so Amor Top Tip: tackle the task in stages and tick them off your list. Utility companies can be updated on moving day when you update your meter readings.

Contact the Royal Mail to set up a post redirection. You can sign up online or go to the local post office. Catching anything that slips through the net is worth the small expense.

​​​​Notify insurance policies and your bank to ensure post is transferred to your new home address.

Bicester Removals moving tips.
2 weeks before moving house


​■ List those items you will need on your first night in your new home (bedding, bathroom/kitchen essentials, homework, important documents, valuables) and Amor Top Tip: set aside an ‘essentials box' to be loaded last (whether with us or in your own car) and unpacked first on arrival.

Research Doctors and Dentists in your new area and notify your current services of your move.

​■ Make arrangements for your children and pets on moving day. If they will be present make sure for their own safety that they are occupied and kept safely out of the way of the movers.

Bicester Removals moving tips.

1 week before moving house

Gather all the appliance manuals and keys that the new inhabitants will need.

Assign jobs to everyone present on the day – checking cupboards are empty, walking the dog, collecting keys, saying goodbyes, etc.

1 day before moving house

Finish your last bits of packing, collecting all the bits and bobs that are lying around the house.

■ Take away the recycling and rubbish.

Moving Day​

​■​ Amor Top Tip: Take gas, electricity and water meter readings in both properties.

​​​​​​​​​​​■ Stay calm, have lots of tea breaks and keep your energy up!

■ Relax in the care and professionalism of Amor Removals and enjoy the day.

Keys for new home
Amor Removals serving Bicester will make you smile

A lot to digest in one go, however follow each step and you will create a manageable time frame to achieve all your goals!​

Achieve your house packing goals