PACKING TIPS​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Amor Top Tip: There are a few items that you will need to keep handy, both during packing and the move.

Scissors and Marker Pens - It is important that when you are packing you know what is inside each box! Label the boxes according to the rooms that they are going to as opposed to the room that they have come from. This helps to make the delivery more organised and stress-free. After all, if your new property has a different layout than your old one, it is hard to keep up with two or three removal men all asking where their boxes are to be delivered to once you get to your new home!

Kettle, Mugs and Teabags - It sounds a bit cheeky, but Moving is Thirsty Work! Removal men get dehydrated because their job is physical. They need to replace the liquid that they lose during the day and the best way of doing this is by drinking lots of tea. This way they'll get through the job even quicker!

Cleaning Equipment - Make sure that the last items to be packed are the vacuum cleaner, cleaning cloths, polish and dusters. No matter how clean your house is, you will be amazed at how dirty it can be after a house move. Moving furniture that has been in place for years can leave dirty marks on the floor that even the cleanest person didn't know were there!

Amor Removals Ltd packing Tips

Amor Top Tip: The best thing you can do when organising any house move is to start packing early! If you are doing your own packing start with items that you will not need before the move - books, DVDs etc. Break the task down into achievable amounts so it's not overwhelming. It is very important for a trouble free move that all your packing is complete before the removal team arrive.


Make sure that all beds are dismantled and the pieces are labelled and tied together so that you know how it goes back together at the new property. Amor Top Tip: Make sure you keep the Allen Key handy as you will need to put it back together for your first night's sleep. Pack away any bed linen from the drawers so that the bed can be manoeuvred easily.

Chest of Drawers​

Amor Removals don't mind if you leave the drawers full during the move. However, this will depend on how heavy and sturdy the chest of drawers are, the access out of the house and what kind of move you are having. For example, if you are moving overseas you will need to empty all drawers and cupboards so that the removal crew can make a full inventory of your items. Also, smaller, loose items should always be covered over to make sure that they don't get damaged or fall out all over the floor! Please check with us beforehand.

Hanging Clothes

​​We provide hanging wardrobe cartons with rails for hanging clothes, so you won't have to iron everything after your move. However, if you are moving overseas, then we may advise against using these so that you don't add extra volume to your shipment. If this is the case, your clothes should be packed into our long thin cartons to avoid as many creases as possible. After all, they may be in there some time!

Chests and Trunks​​

Bedroom chests are perfect for keeping lightweight items in whilst moving. However, please make sure that you do not overfill them and that you can move them fairly easily.

Jewellery, Money and Bonds

​​For peace of mind we advise that you should either lock jewellery in a box or keep it with you whilst you are moving. The same goes with money, bonds, stocks, shares and any other item of great value. If you do have very valuable items please discuss this with us because we will then be able to inform our insurers so that they are covered on our policy.

Lounge/Dining Room - Televisions, Etc

Although big and bulky, televisions are obviously fairly delicate so if you have the original packaging, that's great! Make sure you know how to wire up your equipment again. Amor Top Tip:​​ Take photos of the wiring before dismantling and keep all the wires together.

Light Fittings​​

Remove the shades and light bulbs from lamps and pack these separately. If you have normal light fittings that hang from the ceiling, these can be wrapped and placed gently in a box with plenty of padding. Chandeliers need to be dismantled or hung and tied inside a wooden crate or box so that the glass droplets are not lost or damaged. Whenever wall or ceiling lights are to be disconnected, please ensure that an experienced and qualified electrician does the work and that ceiling roses are replaced.



Because of their weight pianos require specialist attention - especially for anything other than a ground floor move. For above ground floor moves where there is no lift, then 3 - 4 removal men are likely to be needed. If you have a grand piano, then the pedals and the legs will need to be removed ready for the body of the piano to be moved on a piano shoe. The piano body will be wrapped either in a piano cover or padded blankets and strapped to the shoe for ease of movement. Amor Top Tip: Unless you have specialist experience we advise that you leave piano packing and removal to us.

Kitchen - China and Glass

​​When packing breakables ensure that there is adequate padding around and underneath each item. Scrunched up paper or cushions are usually a good bet. After wrapping plates, stand them upright rather than flat as they are better protected on their edge than laid flat. Label the box as fragile and ensure heavy items are not placed on it.


Amor Removals are not permitted to remove goods from loft spaces. It is important that you remove all the items from your loft so they are ready for the removal team on the day of your move.



​Teapots are especially fragile because of the lid, spout, and handle. Wrap the lid separately and replace it, inverted if possible, in the tea top. Ensure that the spout and handle are well protected. Stand upright in the box.

Knives and Sharp Objects

​​Amor Top Tip: It is important that these items have plenty of padding around them and are then labelled as sharps so that when they are unpacked there are no injuries.

Pots and Pans​​

Once wrapped, large and heavy items should be packed into suitably sized boxes to ensure the box weight is kept down.​ Amor Top Tip: Remember the Rule of Thumb - if you can't lift them, the removal men will struggle too.


Take the glass plate out and wrap it separately. Pack the microwave in its original box if available. Tell us if you don't have a box large enough so we can safely load it onto the van.

Large Appliances​​

Ideally washing machines and tumble dryers should have the rotating drum secured with the fixing bolt supplied. Keep the appliance upright. Empty as much water from inside them as possible, especially if they are going into store. (This applies to any item that can contain water). This will minimise the chance of spillage onto other items and reduce the occurrence of mould.

Fridges and Freezers

​​If you are moving only a short distance - up to half an hour - then by all means keep food in your freezer. Amor Top Tip: Set your freezer to lowest temperature the day before. If the journey to your new home takes longer than half an hour, get the contents of your freezer eaten during the preceding weeks and defrost your freezer completely at least 48 hours before it is moved, so that there are no water leaks to damage your possessions when in transit. If your appliances are going into store or being moved overseas, make sure that the doors are kept ajar for the journey, to keep them fresh once they are delivered.


Contact a qualified electrician or gas fitter to disconnect these items. We are not insured for this work, so please don't ask the removal crew to disconnect them for you. Clean them before you move, both inside and out! It’s better to have a pristine cooker ready to go into your new kitchen.

Small Electricals​​

These are best moved in their original packing, however, if you don't have this then make sure that they have plenty of wrapping around them. Pack them into a medium size box ensuring it doesn't get too heavy.

Chip Pans​​

Amor Top Tip: Remove the fat before packing - the last thing you want is chip fat everywhere!

Foods and Drink

​​If you are going any distance, you will need to eat your food supply down to the bare minimum or place in a suitable cool box. Food items are not allowed in storage or overseas shipments. Amor Top Tip: Be aware that most alcohol is taxable in overseas shipments.

A lot to digest in one go, however follow each step and you will create a manageable time frame to achieve all your goals!​

Achieve your house packing goals